A major investment in the town of Antofagasta is what injected the Regional Government, after approval by the Core of the proposed replacement of sidewalks and Angamos Avenue at a cost of $ 3,217 million through the FNDR




In this regard, the Regional Governor Alvaro Fernandez said that the implementation of this initiative will support the consolidation of this important area of ​​our city, allowing safe passage, expedient, with suitable equipment needs and a significant improvement of the environment, which will enhance the development of commercial, tourist and recreational thousands of residents.


"It's a tremendous project that will serve a significant percentage very important inhabitant of the town of Antofagasta, about 120 000 people who will benefit directly from these works. This and other projects related to the sidewalks came with drag for years, the roads in our area have been improving but there are still important sectors that are in open state of deterioration, "he said.

The Regional Chief added that these projects are framed in line with what the Government is seeking to overcome the quantitative and qualitative deficit in services and infrastructure that directly affect the quality of life of our people.



The intervention of this pathway will run from the streets to the north Avelino Contardo (connection with the Park Brazil) to the south Luis Mancilla (Universidad Catolica del Norte) through the facilities of a supermarket, the Regional Park Stadium Japanese in an area greater than the 17 blocks, consolidating a highly demanded course.




Given the characteristics of the sector to intervene, the municipality established aesthetic standards Antofagasta minimum to comply, so they were analyzed alternatives stamped concrete and concrete with tile strips (similar to that used in the Central Coast), resulting in the latter, selected current value given their lower costs.


Finally he said that as a Regional Government "will support important initiatives that have provided sustainability and improve the quality of life of neighbors."


The Mayor Fernandez explained that "this new stage of many that we have funded as Antofagasta Regional Government provides for the replacement of street furniture such as bus stops, trash cans, phone booths, installation of new lights with a new power project, construction of bikeways, improvement following the draft Park Brazil. "